The Oliver Residence

Full grind and polish throughout the entire house tranforms what was once and old tired carpet into a spectacle show stopping centre piece for the house.

Spacious interior featuring a polished concrete floor with a reflective high gloss finish.
Graphic design of a grid that resembles grids of polished concrete

The Oliver Family



Surface Area



November 2023

The Challenge

Nestled in the picturesque countryside of Franklin, this home underwent a transformative renovation to bring it into the modern era. Originally constructed with concrete in 1990, the passage of time had left its mark, resulting in large cracks that concerned the new owner. A comprehensive plan was devised, culminating in a decision to pursue a full grind of the concrete surfaces. This approach allowed us to expertly patch and camouflage the cracks and imperfections, seamlessly blending them into the revitalized flooring. The owners opted for a high-gloss sheen to juxtapose against the rustic charm of the older wooden beams and slate granite feature walls, creating a striking visual contrast. Every area of concrete in the house received meticulous attention to detail during the grinding and polishing process, ensuring a flawless finish. The result was a beautifully refreshed home that exceeded the owner's expectations, a testament to our dedication to quality craftsmanship.

Job Process

What we did

Utilizing a deep grind technique, we meticulously removed approximately 5mm from the top surface of the concrete, exposing the aggregate and ensuring a level substrate. This process not only rejuvenated the appearance of the concrete but also prepared it for further enhancements. Prior to polishing, we addressed any damage and large-scale cracks, employing expert patching techniques to seamlessly blend these imperfections into the concrete. Our meticulous grouting process ensured a smooth, uniform surface. Finally, we polished the concrete up to a high gloss 3000 grit finish, creating a durable, visually stunning floor that exceeded our client's expectations.

Standard pump mix concrete surface with natural texture.

Standard pump mix

Standard pump mix in concrete grinding refers to a concrete mixture that is designed for ease of pumping and placement using concrete pumps. This mix typically has a specified design strength and consistency that allows it to be efficiently pumped to the desired location for grinding and other finishing processes. The aggregate is typically between 10-19mm and the cement is a standard light grey colour.
Deep grind polished concrete revealing extensive aggregate mix.

Deep Grind

A deep grind in concrete grinding typically refers to removing a significant amount of material from the surface, usually around 3 to 5 millimeters or more. This process is used to expose aggregate or remove deep stains, resulting in a more textured and visually striking appearance.
High gloss polished concrete floor with reflective sheen.

High Gloss Polish

A high gloss polish in concrete polishing is a finish that achieves a highly reflective surface, similar to that of a mirror. This finish is achieved through the use of fine diamond abrasives and polishing pads, which gradually refine the concrete surface to a very smooth and glossy appearance.

Frequently asked questions

Still got questions? Find quick answers to common questions about our polished concrete services.

Can any concrete be polished?

In general, most concrete can be polished. However, the quality of the final result can depend on factors such as the quality of the concrete mix, the level of aggregate exposure desired, and the condition of the existing concrete surface.

How is polished concrete different from regular concrete?

Polished concrete undergoes a grinding and polishing process that regular concrete does not. This process enhances the appearance, durability, and stain resistance of the concrete surface.