High Gloss

A High Gloss finish is the top level of shine. A crowd-pleaser for high end properties, showrooms and key feature floors. High natural light reflection means day to day maintenance is higher, but a small price to pay for the stunning finish.



A Gloss finish is probably the most popular choice across the board. The deep sheen provides moderate natural light reflection, and day to day maintenance is less demanding than a high gloss finish.



A Satin finish still falls within the industrial/rustic look, but you will notice a sheen that reflects light a little more than a Matte finish. Popular for projects where the floor isn’t the key feature.

Matte Floor


A Matte finish is perfect for those seeking an industrial/rustic natural finish. Easy to maintain, doesn't highlight dirt and grime, and has a subtle sheen that wont reflect natural light as much as a higher polished finish.




Surface Polish

This process is obtained by polishing only. No grinding. This is a highly desired look with no exposed stones to create a natural look. A surface polish is usually achieved on new slabs which have been specifically poured and cured with this finish in mind.


Light Stone

The top layer of concrete is removed to expose the tips of the icebergs of the stone. Often referred to as ‘salt and pepper’, as only 1-3mm is removed from the surface of the floor. This exposure can only be obtained from a high standard and quality of concrete.


Medium Stone

A medium stone grind is probably the most popular across the board. It is a happy medium between the heavy and light stone look, perfect for imperfectly laid floors. This gives the floor a little character and achieves a very flat finish.


Heavy Stone

This is where we grind down around 4-6mm to expose the maximum amount of stones in the finish. Below the surface, the compacted stones give a ‘fuller’ look. Perfect for decorative pours to get the most of your stones.




Floor Covering

Once we have polished your floor, the last thing you want to do is damage it as you continue with the build. We can either just provide the floor coverings or provide and install them.


Bench Tops/Steps

We have the eye for detail when it comes to grinding and polishing Bench tops, steps, fire hearths or any other concrete focal point. We are fully equipped for these custom projects.


Prep Grinding

A prep grind is the removal of a previous surface (including glue, paint, damaged and uneven concrete, self leveling compound) in preparation for a new flooring project, such as carpet or vinyl.



Terrazzo is not a traditional concrete floor, but can still be ground and polished. Usually in an array of different colours with a brass trim, terazzo consists of different types of marble, quartz and glass.